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Character Development

What is character? Character speaks of the ‘heart’ of man.

Let’s look closer at the Hebrew word “heart” in the Old Testament, which is “לב” (“leb” spoken). This term stands for the inner part of a person and refers to our will, mind, consciousness, emotions and understanding. It also refers to a person’s moral character and determination.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.”

Jeremiah 17:9

Too often are we driven by wrong motives, whether it’s to gain acceptance, to escape rejection, project a positive image, satisfy ego, gain validation, followers, whatever the reason(s), the sin nature within us, often lead the actions that we allow others to see. Scripture reminds us over and over again that we are justified by our heart condition. In other words, God judges the heart or the motives of man.

Character is never about what we merely do, or even what we merely say. Character is about our intention for why we do and say. God demands that we live uprightly; an upright man maintains truth in his actions. In other words, his outward actions and is inner-man are aligned. They are in agreement with each other at all times, and demonstrate integrity in what is expressed in thought and action. Integrity is doing what is right even behind closed doors, when no one is watching.

Over the years, I have witnessed many people, my self included, who have done or said things that they would not have done, or said in the presence of others, like gossiping, for instance. People often find it easy to do or say things, providing that no one finds out. God wants us to live in such a way that even if it were impossible for anyone to find out about our deeds, we would conduct ourselves in an upright way, that honors God. Although we may be able to hide our motives from man, we can never hide them from the omniscient and omnipresent God.

God wants us to develop Godly moral standards and qualities, where our actions are not driven by a carnal mindset or ungodly desires, but rather, they are driven by the fear and admiration for God and the desire to walk in His righteousness. 

The development of Godly character takes time, it’s a process of which we have to commit ourselves, by unlearning the mindsets that are so deeply embedded within us. It requires commitment to the Word of God and an earnest desire to become more like Him. We must continually study, meditate on, and regurgitate the Word of God, so that it becomes flesh in our lives.

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