Appointed Time

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Appointed Time

As mentioned in the previous blog, God has allowed the impact of our negative experiences to effect change in our lives – those experiences are directly linked to our unique assignments or ‘higher calling’ which He has ordained.

God, who is purposeful in all His ways, has intelligently orchestrated every aspect of our lives. And, what we have been called to do has a time stamp attached to it, determined by His sovereign will. In Habakkuk 2, God told Habakkuk that the vision is yet for an appointed time and although it tarries, it will certainly come. Although God was directly speaking to Habakkuk regarding Israel, we can still glean insight from this, for our own lives.

Yes, God has definitely called us to glorify him through the work that He has directed us to do, however there is an appointed time for this to happen. The process of our journey is intended to build us up in character, virtues and skill, in order to be effective.

We can never skip over the process to do the work, or we may very well endanger ourselves. The growth that comes from the process is absolutely necessary for the work we have been called to. Development and growth is lifelong, however there will come a time when God will release you to do His work. In the meantime, you may be unclear about where you are on your journey, and may require clarity and direction on how to move forward. The Level-up On Purpose Workshop is intended to help you identify where you are, what you ought to be doing in this season of your life, and how to move forward in business or ministry at the appointed time.